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Why I need to have a portfolio website

People dont have time

Now a days people really dont have enough time to find you or your work on the streets of city,they have got new ways to find skilled people like you on social networks, google , yahoo, bing search. To make them find yourself on google , yahoo , bing searches you need to maintain a Portfolio website in parllel to your social accounts.

There is a simple chanakya's business principle. Displaying your product doubles your sales and profits. From street sellers to international ecommerce platforms strictly following this principle. its migt be some physical product or creative product, you should showcase your product or work. so that people can understand how professional you are, how good you are at your working area.

Its better to visualize your work rather then telling them. you will get more flexibility and freedom to showcase your work. You can include photos, videos, links to your work , sample of work and what not. a portfolio website of yours makes you more professional and represents your skills globally.

Do you really look professional? What makes you really professional?
a portfolio website with your name makes you professional.Including a link of your portfolio website on resumes, cover letters, business or visiting cards, social media profiles, e-mail signature, advertisement banners, and presentations makes you 100% Professional.

Main Features

Responsive site

website is full responsive so that website adjusts to every device's screen like tab, mobilephone, desktop, laptop need to pinch zoom the webpages.

Live Analytics

Total website analytics , visitor analytics , who is visiting your website , where they are coming from etc. so that you can concentrate on the ways to reach those visitors more efficiently.

Search engine optimized

Your site coming with search engine optimized. you will get found to people those who are searching for you on search engines like google , bing , yahoo etc

Business email

Wear a professional look with professional business emails with your domain name, instead of regular email from gmail, yahoomail, outlook etc.

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Fun Fact!

According to a recent Forbes research, 56 percent of people are more impressed by a candidate's online portfolio than any other personal branding tool. However, only 7 percent of professional have created an online portfolio.

Prices By Category

  • 5,000* (*including taxes) One .in or .com domain 50GB Bandwidth 5GB Storage 5 Emails 100 Image Upload 5 Pages Mobile responsive Contact form Social Integration Choose from 2 Design concepts 2 reviews One year tech support 7 Days Delivery
  • 8,000* (* including taxes) One .in or .com domain 100GB Bandwidth 10GB Storage 15 Emails 200 Image Upload 10 Page Limit Mobile Responsive Contact & Call me back forms Social Share Social Integration SSL Whatsapp and Mobile Number call Floating Buttons Choose From 3 Design Concepts 5 Reviews One Year Tech Support 5 Days Delivery
  • 12,000* (* including taxes) One .in or .com domain Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Storage Unlimited Emails 300 Image Upload 20 Page Limit Mobile Responsive Contact & Call me back forms Social Share Social Integration Push Notifications SSL SEO Friendly Analytics Integration Site Submission Whatsapp and Mobile Number call Floating Buttons Choose From 4 Design Concepts 7 Reviews One Year Tech Support 3 Days Delivery


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